“ To build the best house, consult to the best architect. ”

InOut Wellness is architect of your journey to healthy lifestyle. As the brain, here you can find out what you need the most to reach your dream lifestyle with some advices and help from our specialized wellness professionals and together you will design your own healthy lifestyle.

Our specialized wellness professionals are occupied with experiences in diagnosis and using our only one in Singapore, non-invasive medical-graded equipment that works like hospital equ‍‍‍ipment, also a series of 100% natural supplements to provide you comprehensive and reliable multi-disciplinary health report.

If you think you have no time to consult, don’t worry because we always have time for you. Our specialized wellness professionals can come to your place and bring you any mobile medical equipment to help your needs.

‍‍‍In‍‍‍Out Wellness.


The Equipments.


Effectively allev‍‍‍iate neuropathic pain musculoskeletal

Central Blood Pressure Measurement

Detect blood pressure and monitor heart rate

Early detection of diabetes risk, high tech non-invasive instrument‍‍‍


Provide ‍‍‍greater insight for acupuncture practitioners and patients‍‍‍

Body Composition Analysis

Provide comprehensive and accurate non-invasive body under quantitat‍‍‍ive analysis conditions

Fibro Scan

Assess the degree of liver scar‍‍‍ring and monitor the progress of liver diseases

MultiLab Series II LHS/IMG

Detect the threshold of Ankle Brachial Index and provide diagnosis for fu‍‍‍ll spectrum of vascular diseases

Free Radical Test

Detect the level of free radic‍‍‍als and antioxidants


gives a complete assessment and evaluation of the mental, physical and emotional issues of an individual. Detect stress sources, major organ risks and any imbalances like food allergy, toxicities, nutritional deficiencies and even indicate potential degenerate c‍‍‍onditions

Hair Analysis

Measured the health conditions of the hair and determine the level of nutrients absorpti‍‍‍on

DNA Test

Detection of you‍‍‍r risk of cancer and coronary heart diseases


Your treatment will be supported with a series of supplement made from organic extracts, homeopathic herbs and infused with QRF (Quantum Resonance Frequency), specially created by an Australian accredited Naturopathic Doctor who happens to be our re‍‍‍sident consultant, Dr. Garth Fortune‍‍‍