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Health screening to detect any major health risk and
nutrient deficiencies
(worth $85)


1-to-1 Guided health journey by our in-house Nutritionist and Dietician
(worth $200)


Access to Gamification App - learn and play on health topics tailored to individuals


Free fun and enriching health and networking eventss



Look Better. Feel Better. Live Better

Ever faced issues of lethargy, falling ill easily, not seeing results in losing weight and fitness training, bad complexion and the sudden realisation of accelerated aging? Let us guide you through this journey of discovery with customised wellness solutions to lead an illness-free life.

Better Overall Health, Concentration, Cure Allergies, Reduce Risk of Critical Illness, Lose Weight, Better Posture and more
Don’t wait till it is too late before you take steps to mediate it. Stay assured at all times by having medical knowledge of your body at your fingertips! Give yourself a peace of mind and understand what the slightest symp‍‍‍toms are telling you. Achieve better results when you exercise, through our pre-workout screening for effective process and results.

Personalised Consultation Service
Get all your medical and wellness queries answered by our in-house specialists – Dietician, Nutritionist and Naturopath. Besides being a solution provider, let us walk this‍‍‍ journey of reaching your personal health goals.

Resolving Your Doubts In a Fun Way And Win Vouchers!
What is better than answering your questions through games in exchange for dining vouchers at our restaurant and café! Gain exclusive access to our health and wellness Gamification app where you get to be equipped with cus‍‍‍tomised health knowledge according to your health reports.

Mingle and Have Fun
Find out more about health and wellness and get invited to workshops such as yoga, fitness, health talks and networking events. If you are lucky, you may catch‍‍‍ special appearance by our artiste ambassadors during the events!

What screenings we provide:
Nutritional Deficiencies Test, Antioxidant Test, Blood Pressure Check, Food Allergies Test, Body Composition and Fats Analysis, Muscular Development Analysis, Early Detection of Critical Illnesses (eg. Cancer, Diabetes, Fatty liver, Cardiovascular risk, etc), Organ Functions, Spinal Check, Mental, Physical and Emotional Health, Acupuncture Meridians –yin and yang.

Let us help you walk this journey of finally getting things done with PROVEN results! Get all the benefits at‍‍‍ just $38++/month now!

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